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Know Coach kanchon in 10 Questions

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

1. What is your passion and purpose? What do you do that is very natural for you? What do you love to do so much that you lose track of time while doing it? What have you accomplished in life that you feel great about?

I am passionate about helping people; meeting with them, pay heed to their problems and to find a way to sort out them. I’m a guy who loves socializing; and that is where I spend most of my time. I chose this line of work because this is what I am best at; talking to people, knowing them, aiding them in any way possible. What I have observed in the process that people in our country retrain their dreams. They somehow get clogged up in the system of society and overlook their passion and dreams. They limit their imagination in a mundane level. But I don’t think a dream is supposed to be like that. So, I try to encourage people to dream and envision their goal. That is what I call ‘not having a full-stop in dreaming’. And I feel great about it, I really do. I have led a number of seminars throughout the country and if one person has changed his/her way of thinking, dreaming because of me that would be the greatest achievement to ponder upon.

2. What are your values? What do you stand for?

I like to think persistence, integrity and hard-work as my core values; and if I stand for anything that would be devotion to work! One thing I have learned in my way that giving up is never an option. The cherished result might have availed itself the very next moment I gave up so, being completely devoted to work and being persistent to the very end should be the motto.

3. What are your short term and long term goal?

My long term goal is to serve the people. What I do is to achieve that goal I divide it into small milestones and so, my short time goals would be achieving those milestones. Now to talk about those milestones; I have already led over 300 seminars, 45 offices and over 200 employees. I want to lead over a thousand seminars all over the country. It will be a great achievement to have an office in every district.

4. How do you want to be perceived?

Let’s see, I am collaborative, I don’t want to be someone who just sits and others do his work for him. Rather I enjoy working together. So, I want to be perceived as a leader who is supportive, with whom people can talk, whom people can rely on. Besides being mainstream is not an option these days. Innovative thinking is a must to approach any kind of problems. Mainstream linear thinking hardly comes up with a great solution these days. I like to think I have a non-linear way to approach to things. But most of all, I perceive myself as a leader. So, I guess I want to be perceived as a collaborative, non-linear leader.

5. What are your core strengths?

Self-confidence. I would have said ‘persistence’ but my persistence is a product of the confidence I have in myself. So self-confidence is my core strength.

6. What are your weakness?

I think I may have a broken focus syndrome. I cannot focus on any particular topic for a long period of time. My mind wanders.

7. How do other people describe you?

Most of the people describe me as a dangerous dreamer, who does not know the silver lining between imagination and reality. My friends describe me as a passionate person and my family describe me as a responsible one.

8. Who is your target audience? Who do you want to work with or for?

My target audience is obviously the Youth of this country. I want to work with the generation that will shape the country for the coming generations who would carry out our work in future. So basically my target audience would be the people having an age range of 16-30; mainly students and fresher in workplaces. Most importantly people who are eager to bring about a change in the society, who are keen to follow their heart’s path not the path the society have inflicted upon them; I’d like to work with these people.

9. Who is your competition?

I don’t have a perspective about that. In my opinion, the people who are working on this very field that I’m on, are the people I am working with. After all, we all have a common goal and purpose. So, why compete with one another where we can make the world a better place by working in harmony?

10. What makes you the ideal choice for your target audience rather than your competition? What makes you different?

I think what most of the other people working on this field lack is, they do not connect often with their audience. But I love doing that. I cannot work for the people if I don’t have time for all of them. When you are having a go at public relations you must take care of that relation and that might just be the thing which differentiates me from all the others.

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